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How Can One Find Their True Self: Helpful Exercises

Looking Through Magnifying Glass

One may feel puzzled just by a single thought that a person may be occupied with “finding themselves”. What does this even mean? You have possibly written a school essay on this topic, but do you really understand why people try to find what was never lost? You are there, you are always there, you can see yourself in the mirror and if you touch your cheek you can feel how warm it is. However, the fact that you know you exist does not mean you have found your true self, as well as it does not mean you are certain about what you want to do with your life and what your goals are. If you feel stuck when it comes to this kind of knowledge, our website has prepared some exercises that will come in handy.

  1. 1. Return Your Childhood Interests

    Do you know what differs a genius from an ordinary person? A genius asserts their right to do the work they love. Usually it happens when we are still kids.

    What did you like to do when you were a child, before your parents started telling you that you will not earn anything by painting or that dances are trivial? Write down three things which were interesting for you as a child. It is a small tooltip on what you should long to.

  2. 2. Looking for Regularities: 20 Best Occupations

    Now you need to set a list of your twenty favorite activities. Even if some of them sound obvious and too predictable (for example, to eat delicious food), add them to the list anyway. When all twenty activities are ready, take a closer look at them. Do you notice any regularities? Are the preponderate things related to helping others? Some sport activities, maybe? Are there occupations associated with a calm routine job?

    Try to understand in what way you can group those activities. The list of such groups will help you understand which kind of life you want to live.

  3. 3. 5 Lives

    Now imagine that you have five lives. In each of them you can become whoever you want. How will you live your five lives?

    You can change this exercise if you want. If you cope with it using three lives then use three. If you need ten then do not limit yourself. Number five is just an example.

    Imagine you dedicate your first life to biology, second one to professional travels, third one to start a family with a lot of children, the fourth to be a sculptor and the fifth to be an astronaut. Which one you like better?

    Try to act like you live one of them every now and then. Plan a journey, sign up to dancing classes, start writing a novel and you might discover the talent you were not aware you possess. Also, it can be fun!

    Astronaut in Space

    Why Do I Need It?

    The most important thing here is to understand the following: if you need to choose only one life (even the one you like most) you still miss other ones. It is all because they are an integral part of your personality. The myth that we should be clearly defined is what society got into our heads, and it is quite sad.

    You may happen to meet people who were born for one big goal. Even so, they are rare exceptions. Each of those lives you have chosen consists of something that you love and what you need. You are able to add the missing puzzle pieces into your life now, when you know what has been missing all this time.

  4. 4. Your Perfect Surrounding

    If no one believes in you it is even harder to believe in yourself. That is why the environment which produces winners almost always consists of winners. Unfortunately, sometimes people who surrounded us in our childhood are not fortuned to turn into geniuses.

    Imagine that the world has changed in one night. Now this world corresponds to your needs and requests. In the morning it will be basically crowded with people you dreamed to be there. Who are those people? Which features do they have? Are they creative or more precise? Are they doing everything quickly or you want to slow your perfect world down?

    What have you learned about you and your needs in order to manifest yourself completely after this visualization?

Morning Pages

One of the reasons we cannot hear the inner voice of who we really are is that we are overloaded with junk thoughts. They might seem important, as they take up to 50% of our active thinking time, but if you take a closer look at them, they are just a bunch of worries and plans that do not deserve to be stuck in your head. Why did she say this? What am I going to cook for dinner? Will my Halloween costume impress everyone? All of these thoughts are just an inner noise that results into you not being able to feel relaxed, calm and concentrate on things that really matter. There is an easy way to get rid of them. You just need to fill three pages with random text each morning and... throw them away. No junk belongs in your working space, be it a desk or your own head.

Girl Worried

Here we go, these were only a few of the ways you can use to get to know yourself better and discover new aspects of your personality. This is a kind of knowledge that will never burden you, but can be of a great help when you need to make decisions. 

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