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Tips on Successful Student’s Preparation for Finals. Part 1

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We are aware of the fact that usually exams bring much stress and negative emotions. You cannot realize how to start and plan your time effectively not to end up in total mess. The main tip is, obviously, to start your preparation in advance, but it is not the only thing you should care about. You also need to monitor your academic performance and do all your college essays on time.

Estimate the Remaining Time and Things to Do

The time that separates you from the exam session should be planned accurately. You will probably find it much easier to keep your focus on the most significant topics and get away from all distractions. Try to set the goal to be ready a few days before the start of the exam session to give yourself a few days off and not to be stressed or in a rush.

During these days you can also fill in some gaps in your knowledge of the material or manage some unforeseen problems. With that goal in mind you will need to list all your to-do tasks and, most importantly, define exactly how much time each of your tasks will take. These steps are quite complicated, but they will allow you to set priorities and leave aside what is less significant.

Attend the Last Class

Students at Class

The last class is often devoted to students' questions. It is necessary to study all materials and notes before this class and prepare questions about things that are not clear to you. Listen attentively to your groupmates' questions and, above all, try to answer them. It is a good test to know if you fully understand the material.

Pay more attention to all clues that teachers give you. For example, when they repeat the same points and information several times, when they say that this or that topic might be questioned on your exams, when they pause to let you write something down, or when they ask you to pay attention mainly to a particular concept or part of the textbook.

Care About Yourself

Do not underestimate the importance of taking breaks until the day of the exam. Examination is exhausting, so you should study hard. But at the same time, do not tire your body and your memory unnecessarily in order to keep a maximum of energy for the exam.

We recommend that you do not try studying at night. And if possible, you should give preference to eight hours of sleep. If you cannot fall asleep for a long time, get up and read something simple, or relax in a quiet place.

By all means avoid revising the material to pass the time at night, this activity will stress and tire you. Avoid television and computer screens at night time too. The blue light does not help you to fall asleep, on the contrary, it excites your nervous system. During your exam preparation, take regular breaks, especially if you memorize some difficult concepts, this is a very tedious cognitive activity. Remember that a real one-hour break at noon will allow you to regain strength for the rest of the day. And timely ordered essay on will help you save your nerves and meet deadlines.

Avoid Memorizing Too Much Information

Brain Activity

If you want to take care of your memory abilities, learn only small amounts of information at a time. Understand that trying to memorize too much information and different facts in a short period of time does not allow you to assimilate it properly. More importantly, such learning strategy is not so effective.

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