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Is Feminism Here to Stay and for How Long?

Portrait of a Famous Feminist

In the XXI century, no matter how critical or welcoming you are towards feminism, one thing is for sure to everybody: the new age of feminism has come. Maybe it’s hard enough to determine precisely the timeframe of its advent, especially taking into account the very numerous phases and at least two waves it has undergone throughout the XX century, but the aims and community itself are obviously no longer the same.

Even the emerging terms, such as post-feminism, are here to tell us that the changes are not only internal, but there’s always some space left to rethink the essence of the movement from a perspective of a quantum observer. And that is always a good thing. Professionals from can help you with creating essays on many other similar topical themes.

What Exactly Has Changed?

First of all, feminist issues are international now in the broad sense. It means, on the one hand, that the issues might be the same, but the success of their realization is wildly uneven in different parts of the world. At first glance, it seems that there are some regions where it would be a big surprise to encounter something of feminist agenda unresolved, although sometimes you can still come across some bizarre facts such as this: in a canton of Switzerland, not until 1991 did women gain their right to vote on local issues, and that happened with the intervention of Federal Supreme Court.

Yes, we speak here, of course, about an “old-school” vision of problems by feminism, and this illustration only reinforces it. And that’s right overall: despite some exotic facts such as this one, European and American feminism has indeed already got a lot to be proud of, and that shapes in big part the view of feminism nowadays. On the other hand, the issues might be really different, and they actually often are, not allowing feminism to be transformed into some “revolution program accomplished.”

Feminism and Activism

In the XXI century, feminists talk less about achievements. It doesn’t mean that for the last several years there aren’t any ones, it just means that maybe we’re not aware of them or they are simply lost amidst round-the-clock news coverage. The issue of recognition is still pretty obvious, and it concerns both the recognition of women “being able to do it” (for instance, becoming president of the USA) and some achievements seen as valuable by society. It won’t be a big mistake to say that today feminism depends a lot upon activism. It keeps a close eye on authorities, be it National Parliament or Pope, and awaits its surrender and approval. That’s how it actually works and how we can see some tangible results.

What to Expect in the Future?

It seems that feminist issues tend to be regarded in the future as a form of social injustice where gender as such is not so primarily important, as very often it’s just resulting of social circumstances and dominating traditions for centuries emboldening some members of society, and deprecating the others. Socialism might call this class distinctions.

Whatever it may be, freedom and emancipation never exist independently, often bringing ideology with (or even through) themselves – something completely undesirable for the conservative mindset. Apart from that, we often hear this weird sort of double talk: women build careers, but, in fact, all domestic duties keep resting upon them, especially in more traditionalist societies. Is this not an even more intricate form of enslavement? Feminism will definitely have to deal with it. 

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