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Paper About Ways to Survive a Failure in Business


It is said that the path to success lies through a chain of failures. We all know the story about Thomas Edison – he invented the light bulb. But did you know that it was his 10 001st attempt? He just considered all those failures as “non-working” days.

However, at the same time, we comprehend the influence of such a failure. It makes us think that we do not deserve to be happy and creative enough. We just deserve to suffer and we do not get the desirable results. Agree that more often than not, failures make us unconfident instead of triggering us to be more hard-working and ambitious.

Do not despair if the failures have already affected you in the most terrible way. The medicine against such a disease has already been created as well. What is that? Let’s discuss.

Write Papers to Get Rid of Failures

One of the best methods to cope with a failure is to comprehend its influence and analyze the possible solutions. And as you may know, when it comes to analyzing, writing is the most effective way to succeed in this task.

Writing as the process implies describing a particular situation that tortures you the most. For instance, sales fell by half; many workers decided to fire, customers were dissatisfied with your services. All these aspects have to be properly analyzed; otherwise, you will not be able to comprehend the root of the problem.

In this regard, the solution is obvious – write a paper about the problem that destroys your business. Is it the quality of service? Lack of staff? Lack of investments? Analyze every detail that contributes to your failures. Written form, in this case, is the best form of visualization. You will be able to realize every aspect of problem so it will be easier to come up with an idea how to improve the situation.

By the way, do not hesitate to ask for a help: there are many writing services that could help you to cope with any writing dilemma whether it is an academic essay or an economic paper.

Admit the Failure

Person Who Is Crying

Financial fraudster Bernie Madoff said about the fund: "At first things went well, then – not so well, and then – it was embarrassing to tell." And then the situation worsened so much that he appeared before the court.

The mistake turns into a failure, and the failure turns into a disaster (of course, if we let it turn). Be honest with yourself and admit a mistake even if you are afraid to fall in the estimation of the public. Yes, you will no longer seem to be as clever and flawless as before, but you can stop despairing and prevent the turning of a mistake into a catastrophe. Honesty is the first step to learning from your mistakes.

If you are not aware of what it means to be honest with yourself, go here. You will find a lot of useful materials that could help you to broaden the mind.

Ask for a Help

Once in a difficult situation, contact people who can help you. But remember, you need to help them over as well. It is like talking: if only one person talks, the other one starts to get bored. So, provide feedback at the earliest opportunity.

You have to comprehend that a person can be responsible for various duties in different companies: attract customers, find money, create a website, etc. Obviously, it is too hard to proceed with all these different tasks, so asking for some help is the only solution in this case.

Appropriate People

Working Team

The way out of a difficult situation depends on what kind of people are next to you. Once I had to work with unreliable partners. I hoped that the situation would improve over time, but this did not happen. And I had to break the contract with them.

It is very difficult to assess your surroundings. Make a list of people with whom you work and communicate, and then ask yourself: when I am thinking about them, how do I feel? Good or bad? Listen carefully to your feelings. Perhaps you have known some of them for a long time and the whole history of your relationship is a total struggle. Stay away from unpleasant people, because the worse you feel, the worse your business is.

Be Realist

It is important to understand that in reality, not everything goes in accordance with your plan. For example, firstly, a writer Theresa Regan wrote at least twenty books, and all of them were rejected by publishers. Then she decided to publish the book by herself, and that book became a bestseller. But Teresa was a realist: she understood that she had a talent and that publishers did not believe in her. Having evaluated all the risks, the writer managed to succeed in an extremely difficult sphere doing what she truly loves.

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