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An Excellent Student. Secrets of Transformation

Excellent Student

Of course, the older the class in which you study becomes, the fewer people want to somehow stand out in a positive way in terms of learning. However, a large number of people want to be excellent students in high school, and further – when studying at the university. Check our new article on this topic at

The psychology of people is that they want to be different from others. And to differ for the better. Someone begins to play sports in order to become a more significant person, others create their own business with the goal of "being the best of the best". To do it, people choose the sphere of life in which they are able to achieve results efficiently and with minimal losses. Therefore, those people who have certain makings for learning try to be excellent students in all subjects.

At first, the person is not given such an aim – always to have excellent grades. First, all people just start to learn. In the process of studying, gradual drop-out of students begins for those who study well, and those for who the study is torture. Those people who get the first excellent grades feel the first positive feelings.

Human is a vain creature. People love to be talked about in vaunted tones. Therefore, the students who have tasted this sense of "superiority" at least once will try to continue to follow their philosophy and study perfectly.

A certain period of time passes and the learning process becomes more complicated. New subjects are emerging, the level of material becomes more complex, and now a person does not feel strength to learn exceptionally well. Especially often this situation happens with first-year students.

Next, we will give you some practical advice that will certainly help you become an excellent student and be the "coolest" in terms of studying (at least in your group).

  • 1. Concentrate on Your Studies

    What does this concentration imply? First, it is the concentration of one's efforts in educational matters, that is, you should always put your studies in priority.

    For example, you are offered to go on a free trip from the university to another city for a day. At the same time, you have the last day to register and perform the report on practice.

    Which event will you choose if you want to be an excellent student? You have probably thought that it is certainly necessary to concentrate on a writing of the report on practice, after all, the grade depends on it, etc.?

    This is incorrect choice. It is not always necessary to choose the most obvious thing. What if this trip is organized by that teacher, to whom you must perform the same report? Therefore, we advise you to always be aware of university affairs in order to make the right decisions. Concentration on learning is good, but building a long-term strategy for the smooth receipt of excellent grades is more important.

  • 2. Be on Good Terms with the Teachers

    Whom does your final result depend on? On your friends who constantly try to say a bad word about your teacher? Your final result depends directly on the professor. So work with him or her properly. "Process" your target group (teachers) and get the well-deserved fruits of your activities. Teachers do not require much.

    The curriculum provides a standard load and the teacher will not require more. If you do everything as expected – an excellent grade is guaranteed to you.

    Nobody argues that sometimes there are situations when either the teacher tells complete nonsense, or the topic of the lesson is not very interesting. What to do in this case?

    First of all, do not show that you are sick of what happens at the lecture. Teachers see everything perfectly and will certainly notice your dull, drooping face. Thus, you as if say to your teacher: "I do not care about what you dictate and tell. Let us finish it, I am already hungry".

    Your facial expression and sluggish state will do reverse things with the teacher. Perhaps, without even realizing with their mind, the professors will try to make you be more active. To do this, they can ask a question about the topic of the lesson. They will do this only because, if to say in a simple way, it is simply insulting and annoying for them that you treat their lecture like that. Naturally, you will not answer their question as you have had your head in the clouds all the lecture and have been waiting for the end of this tedious occupation.

    It is clear that if you want to become an excellent student, now you will not feel well from the fact that you cannot answer the teacher's question. This situation will cause you inner tension and resentment, which should not appear outside for no reason. Learn to restrain yourself in the most extreme situations.

    Try not to find fault with the manner of presentation of the material by the professor. Believe, it is almost impossible to change the habit, which has been developing during several years of teaching experience. Therefore, if you suddenly begin to criticize your teacher, then you will only create problems for yourself all of a sudden without achieving anything for yourself.

  • 3. Do Not Think That You Really Know Everything Better Than Everyone

    If a person has the title "excellent student", this does not mean that this person knows more than others in all subjects taught. Rather, it means that this person is able to do so that his or her final result has always been rated "excellent." Believe, this is a whole art, that is why not every person can be an excellent student.

    If you have difficulties with any subject – it is very good. Yes, yes, it is wonderful. So, you are an ordinary person, not a robot from another planet. The thing is that no one in the world can be better than everyone in all subjects. There is always a kind of inclination either to the humanitarian direction (people know and understand social science, history, sociology, etc.) or to the technical side (the person better knows computer science, physics, etc.).

    Therefore, in those cases when you encounter difficulties in a subject, then resort to the help of others. If you want to become an excellent student, then your work is not to know absolutely everything in all subjects (believe – it is unreal), but to find solutions from difficult situations and be on a roll in any scenario. It is these people who always achieve their goals in life.

    Therefore, we sum up. In order to become an excellent student, one does not need to know absolutely everything in the subjects studied. Do not hesitate, ask your friends for help, they will certainly help you. By the way, that is why it is also important not to be conceited that you learn better than others.

    People cannot stand when someone around them starts to show off good grades. If you do not have this habit (and thanks God), then you will almost never see refusal on the part of your groupmates in terms of helping you with some matter.

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