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Reach Success: Deal with Stress and Plan the Preparation. Part 2

Healthy Breakfast

Prepare Your Body for Exams

In the morning before the exam, it is necessary to have a wholesome breakfast, rich in proteins and with a small amount of simple carbs. You can also take vitamins to increase your memory and concentration skills. The day before, it is better not to go to bed too late. You can relax, watch a good movie, have a bath and also plan your clothes for the next day, prepare your things and documents. This can help you to avoid stress the next day, so it is better to do it the day before. Finally, very stressed people may eventually ask their doctor for a mild herbal medicine, but nothing should be taken without the medical advice.

Revisions Before the Exam

How to organize your study sessions effectively? Some students cannot work and constantly delay the preparation. Others panic because of the idea of so much material for the review and do not know where to start. Still, others see their stress increasing day by day. To avoid falling into these pitfalls, follow our pieces of advice. The first one – do not leave unfinished tasks until the exam. If you have done this and now you do not have time to do all these tasks, entrust them to the specialists from

Prepare in Advance

Cute Planners

Before you start the revisions, start preparing all the materials you need: get the information you might miss, find out what is incomplete, unclear, or poorly written, ask friends for their class notes, or use a textbook. Make revision cards or write the summaries for each topic that you will understand and memorize quickly. Select the website that allows you to fill your gaps. Make a complete file for each subject with notes, cards, exercises, and order your files. This material storage work will help you to reorder the knowledge in your head and make you relax. If you’re passing exams in June, do this during the Easter holidays or long weekends in early May. At this moment, there is still time, for example, to make some cards, buy the textbooks or go surfing on the educational websites.

Make a Schedule of Revisions

Study Schedule

Classes are over now; you have long days to review. But do not go into the research without making a plan. Count the number of days you have to review without counting the day before the exam, list all the topics (or subjects) to work on. Divide the material to be reviewed in your days by starting with the oldest notes (topics studied at the beginning of the year) and finishing by the most recent ones. Also, define your weak points (poorly learned lessons or those that have not been learned at all) at the beginning of the revisions. Follow the program because you often need the concepts learned at the beginning to understand the following ones. To divide the subjects to study each day, put the most difficult subjects and topics in the morning or late afternoon.

Plan Smartly

Change the activities: do not do math for a whole day, then history another day. Work on a chapter of math, history, law every day – you will spend less time on each subject and it will be easier to store different subjects in memory. Remember the topics of your previous college essays, they can arise in the form of exam questions. Spend more time on more essential disciplines. Make an accurate schedule hour by hour, setting the time you start in the morning and stop in the evening (not later than 11 p.m.).

Study Atmosphere

Study Group

Choose a quiet place to work and do all your review sessions there, so you do not waste time moving your stuff from one place to another. If friends propose joint revisions, make sure they intend to work. If you go together to a new place, make sure you have decent conditions (place for sleep, food, comfortable desk for you). Work side by side, but do your own revisions and relax together while eating and checking your results. Work at a specific time in the morning, not too late if possible (around 8 or 9 a.m.) and stop in the evening, also at a fixed time (not too late). Sleep for at least 7 hours.

Be Focused

Girl Sleeping

Make sure to stay focused: turn off your phone so as not to be disturbed. Do not spend too much time on a topic because you cannot concentrate effectively for more than 40 to 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes, take a short break of 5 minutes: get up, drink a glass of water, listen to some music, and get back to your work: your concentration will be good again. If you cannot concentrate, change the subject so as not to waste your time. The day before, relax, do not try to review everything in a few hours: it is impossible, and it will make you anxious. Relax, get ready for the next day and go to bed at a reasonable time, not too early or too late.

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