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Essay About Your Favorite Superhero: Aspects to Cover

Comic Books

There’s no doubt you can tell a lot about the superhero you like the most. You watched movies, read many comic books and even played video games which feature him or her, but still you are hesitating what you should write about. Does it sound familiar? If your answer is “yes”, you are welcome to look through these recommendations that may help you to figure out what aspects you should cover in an essay about your favorite superhero.

Introduce Your Superhero

Let’s start with a little introduction, where you can explain who is your favorite superhero, what he or she does and where lives. Generalize your knowledge about them in a few sentences, just to present the superhero and give your reader a hint about what we will be talking about a bit later.

The Origin

Describe the origin of your superhero. Tell who they were in a real life, what they did and how they looked like before the turning point. What has changed them? What power have they got and how? How has it affected their lives? Have they changed a lot since that time? Try to set out whether it was good or bad for them and whether it made them happy or miserable.

Strong and Weak Sides

You are to mention the strong sides of a chosen superhero. These are their superpowers, the features of character that make them invincible, e.g. will power, determination, bravery etc. Here you can also write about their victories and triumphs. Even superheroes have their weak sides, so you have to talk about it as well. Recall their failures and try to analyze what caused them and whether it was possible to avoid them.

Superhero in the Sky

Enemies and Friends

Every superhero has his or her enemies and friends. Name the most significant ones. If your superhero has a companion, tell about them a bit, but you shouldn’t write the whole story of this person, just a few facts that will be helpful to describe the superhero you are writing about.

Your Personal Point of View

Share you personal thoughts concerning this superhero. Why have you chosen him or her? Tell how their personality affects you, what you like in them and what you dislike (if you do, of course). Think whether he or she can be a role model for you or for anybody else; what they can teach us.

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