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The Two Pillars of an Essay: Mind the Structure

Greek Pantheon

Often, when we need to finish a task that is not particularly interesting to us, the best way to deal with it would be to reimagine the situation. Since we were little, immersing in a fantasy world could help us overcome difficulties. The most classical example would be eating the soup and imagining that each spoon was fuel for our rocket. It is really easy to get frustrated when you are an adult and have to deal with annoying tasks from day to day, but if you reimagine them, life could become easier. The same goes for your writing essay projects if you do not order them at If you ever played with legos or any other type of constructor, you probably enjoyed being an architect. Imagine that you are an architect now and someone ordered you a building. Your essay is that building. How will you make it stand upright and be stunning visually? Here are some tips to do just that.


The first task of an architect is to make sure the construction is practical. Indeed, if your skyscraper looks amazing on the skyline of your city, but will crash down at the first gust of wind, you probably did not do a good job. That is why, you need to pay attention to the carcass of your essay and the ins and outs of the ventilation system, the pipes and electricity. Here are some details about that.


A building without a strong foundation is bound to crash. The same goes for your work. Make sure that you have strong arguments that could fuel the whole project. Without them, your essay will look feeble and unreliable. For example, if you are writing about some data analysis, make sure that you state exactly the institution that carried out the research, include reliable numbers and even such visually favorable material as tables, pie charts and so on. There should not be a shadow of a doubt that your information is trustworthy. In case you follow this piece of advice, your building will stand through any storm.


Weird Building

Make sure that your windows are aligned on one floor and the chimney does not stick out sideways from your house. Indeed, a house should be functional first and foremost, that is its purpose. So the water should be running through the pipes and there should be electricity in every room. This means that your paragraphs need to be clear for every reader, your support valid and your logic clear. No one puts sockets on the ceiling or a tap in the living room. This may seem like a redundant tip, but usually students do not follow it, and it is hard to understand what they meant in their essay. This makes the brilliant content suffer and they receive bad marks.

Unobstructed Flow

Have you ever been to one of the old-style buildings, where you should move through one room to the next not by a corridor but through other rooms? Such planning is bound to make you stumble on your way. When your professor reads your essay, he should not feel like he’s pushing through door after door in order to get to the point. The essay should be easily read and understandable. That is why you need to plan it in advance and make sure there are comfortable corridors and the planning is what the assignment required it to be.


Now that your house is planned and built and you have an empty building, it is time to decorate and fill it with purpose. Essence is the second pillar on which your essay stands, and what makes it original and vibrant. Take into account the points below to produce an incredible work.


Interior Design

Know what your topic is. If you are still in doubt what to make of it, consider this article. Decorating your house is the most exciting part, as you are responsible for everything, from the pavement to the curtains. Do not include too many details, but focus on the practicality and comfort of the inhabitants of your building. The best interiors are the ones that are soft and light, however you could choose anything you want, as you are the main architect of your essay.


Is your building created in a post-modern style? Does it have some eastern influence? Is it a true Victorian? You could choose any style you want, and quote whatever you like in your essay, providing you do it according to the content of your essay. You can even add a bonsai in the corner, just make sure it looks organic and serves its purpose.


A thing that you should remember about is the aesthetic of your building. It should look good, but not stand out too much in the street. Sure, you could always experiment with form and presentation, but usually your professor does not want you to do that. Even if you add some original detail, as a rooftop veranda or a French window, make sure that it does not ruin the whole outlook of your house, and it integrates beautifully in the style you have chosen and the works of the other architects of your street.

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