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English Leaning Tips: Enrich Your Vocabulary


As soon as you decide to take the English tongue up seriously, you should be ready to come across new words every time you open another book or listen to the news.

Actually, that’s the beauty and the horror of learning any foreign tongue.

On the one hand, it’s really cool that you can always get your brain a portion of fresh knowledge. On the other hand, however, you find yourself facing the need to remember numerous meanings of new combinations of letters. But that’s what your brain sometimes refuses to do for you. As a result,

“I can’t go without a dictionary every time I must write my essay in English.”

“I rewrite one and the same word several times in my notebook because I can’t remember its meaning.”

“I use robotic cliches in my speech because I can’t come up with anything new and original.”

Sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? But if you feel fed up with such a state of affairs, you are welcome to find effective solutions for learning and memorizing new English words right here! Make the most of these interesting approaches and stay satisfied with your improved memory and enriched English vocabulary.

Play Educational (and Non-Educational) Computer Games in English

Just make sure you don’t spend all your free and not free time on this tempting activity. Nonetheless, if you do prefer playing computer games to some other ways of relaxation after a busy day, you can get even more benefit from them than you might expect. Play them in English.

You’ll be motivated to look up for new words in a dictionary (or via some special translating software) because their meanings may carry the main ideas of what you should do to win the battle or get the winning score. Besides, it will be definitely easier for you to remember these words, as they usually repeat throughout the game.

Listen to Your Favorite English Music

It will also encourage you to look for the words that you don’t understand. Or you can find the translation of a song and check the unfamiliar words in the lyrics. The next time you’ll listen to this composition, you’ll be able not only to understand what it is about but also to distinguish the words in the context and recognize them in other texts. Therefore, you’ll memorize new words better.

The other obvious advantage of listening to English songs is that the lyrics are full of words and set phrases which native speakers use in their everyday conversations and correspondence. So, it’s time to start a collection of your favorite music hits and enjoy learning with them!

Select English for the Settings of Your Smart Phone or Computer Software

Now think for how many years you’ve been using laptops or mobile phones. Quite enough to remember what’s what in their interface. What about changing the tongue on this interface then? You’ll be surprised how compelling it is to guess the meanings of options in the menus and understand the offered guidelines to update some software.

If you still believe that may be too complicated to you, try to change settings for only one program or app. In both cases, you’ll learn the words in context and in practice, which is very important to remember them.

Install Apps and Use Them Regularly

Downloading and installing Memrise is only half the battle. You must use it on a regular basis.

By the way, this app is rightfully considered one of the best digital helpers in learning different foreign languages. Surf the Net to find collections of other useful programs and choose what you like.

However, try not to forget about these apps and use them every day. Such daily language training won’t take much of your time: 15-20 minutes will be enough to repeat the words you know and learn something new. The most popular of these apps are very well thought out, so enriching your vocabulary with them will never make you feel bored.

Take a Deep Breath and Start Writing Your Own Blog in English  

Do it for your creative self, not for someone who will certainly make an effort to edit your grammar and punctuation. There’s no need to show your posts to anyone if you don’t want. Though an opinion of a fair friend, who is a native English speaker or at least good at English, would be pretty valuable as well.

Your wish to blog will motivate you to read more in both your mother tongue and English. The latter is especially important if you want to make your vocabulary broader and deeper. Besides, using new and familiar words or set phrases in sentences will help you to better remember the logical connections between various language units. That will constantly upgrade your ability to build associations and guess the meanings in the context, without using a dictionary.

Stay sure of your success on the way to mastering English! And remember a simple everyday truth: live and learn.

Good luck!

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