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Get Enough Sleep: Make Yourself Alive

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Only students know how to study, pass their examination session, get fun, sometimes even work, and not to turn into a vegetable. This is one of the most important secrets in the world! But, of course, sometimes it can be really unbearable – to live in such a chaotic rhythm and not to go mad. Specially for you we gathered some techniques how to cope with 24-hours long day and stay happy, calm and alive. Stay cool!

Sleep Less and Feel Cheerful

Isn’t it a secret that we should sleep at least 7-8 hours to feel rested? Then, there is a question: why do a lot of people feel tired after resting during 10 hours long or even more? It is because they don't know enough about quick and slow phases of sleep and can't correctly organize their rest. What should we begin with?

At first, your sleep will be complete if it contains few full phases. It will be best if you awaken in your quick phase. When you begin to sleep, the quick phase comes, it continues 1 hour and half. During this phase your eyes move and you see the dreams, so it isn’t so deep, and you can wake up easily. After that the slow phase begins, it lasts approximately 3 hours. In this time you fall into a deep relaxing state when you don’t see the dreams, but your body and brains relax and recover after a busy day. It is quite problematical to wake up during this phase, so it is undesirable to interrupt it. That’s why your best solution to sleep less and work hard during a day will be to sleep, for example, 6 hours at night (quick phase + slow phase + quick phase) and to get a 30 minutes’ nap in the afternoon.


Do This and Turn into a Zombie

Is it a familiar situation for you? You’re getting ready for your exams, and at some high moment you don’t even remember your own name. What do you usually do in this time? Feeling broken because of the lack of sleep, you drink up the coffee like the alcohol drinks on your birthday. On top of that, you can overeat to compensate the night without complete rest by the extra food. You can also run a «marathon» to ensure that it isn’t a dream, to make you work and not die. What else? At great length, you fall asleep in the bus and pass the necessary stop trying to sleep your illusive 8 hours during 15 minutes. Actually, if to follow such rhythm, you can easily exhaust yourself.

How to Change This Killing Curriculum?

At first, don’t drink too much coffee and black strong tea during a day and don’t do it at all before 3-4 hours when you go to your bed (because coffee will flow in your veins:)). Also, notice that though overeating is extremely desirable after the sleepless night, it causes drowsiness and apathy. It is better to eat some light food to keep cheerful. If you decide to make a «shock therapy» for your body by running a lot or doing too much physical exercises, put this idea aside. It would be better to take a contrast shower or go a slight jogging after working day, it will also keep your temperature, and your body will relax easily when you begin to rest. In addition, you have to notice that it is a great idea to have your workplace in a sunny spot because melatonin ruins the drowsiness.

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If You Almost Don’t Have Time to Sleep

There are some methods which help you keep the strength. The first one is that you have to sleep 2 hours: after each 30 minutes you have to wake up and activate your alarm again. This will help your brains take the pressure off, but it won’t give the rest to your body. After passing your exams take at least 10 hour to get enough sleep and regain the strength. One more method is to sleep 15-20 min. during every 4 hours. It will keep your capacity to work.

Anyway, it is possible to get enough rest during even 1 hour, so you’ve got a possibility to endure your stressful periods of life.

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