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Do You Really Need to Drop a Class?

Person in Denial

New studying year means new acquaintances, new teachers, new crushes, and new classes of course. Unless you are an incredibly lucky person, there is always that class any student just can't stand. The boring teacher? Or a very strict one instead? The painfully grueling assignments? Yes, reasons can be variable, and with several unbearable courses, sometimes it may seem that dropping a class is the only smart option. But how to decide and make sure you'd never regret leaving out the subject you really need? Even though each situation is unique and different, here are some ways that can be helpful for students who are in denial. Check out these common situations:

You Have No Textbook

College Library can be both a God's gift and a curse at the same time. And it's definitely a curse when you want to rent a mandatory textbook for writing your essay paper, and it turns out all of them are already taken. How come, right? Even though it seems you're already behind, don't drop a class just because you don't have a textbook. Anyway, how can you be sure there won't be the same problem if you switch to a different class? You can ask a student who sits next to you if you can borrow their textbook. Of course, it's going to be hard to catch up on everything once you finally manage to have a class book, but who knows, maybe this subject is worth it? Learn more at

The Class Is Too Hard

While it's good to develop your mental limits, signing up for a higher-level course is not always the best choice. Yes, advanced classes have cooler topics, but there are a lot of drawbacks. Just try to understand that you are most likely will feel left out right from the first lecture when you realize you're the only person in class who doesn't know the basics. So if the chosen subject requires a solid knowledge background, better save yourself from the unneeded stress and pick a lower-level course. In cases like this, dropping the subject can be the best option; anyway, you can select and enjoy the advanced class next semester, once you're better prepared for it.

The Syllabus Looks Like a Textbook

That moment when you open your class' syllabus and feel shocked. Essay, quizzes, and two midterms during only one semester? No doubt, you might want to drop the class even after you take the first look at that studying plan. In this case, it's important to follow your inner voice and realize when enough is enough for you. If this class is indeed important, but you feel you won't be able to handle it accordingly because of other classes you have the current semester, consider dropping it now, and then try to schedule it with less-demanding subjects next semester instead.

You Failed First Test

Just try to calm yourself down and understand that not getting an excellent mark on the first test of the semester is not the end of the world and is surely not a valid reason for dropping the class. First of all, try to contact your professor or the TA to see what can be done to improve the situation. However, if you feel you're not going to make it, maybe it's better to say goodbye to the class now and try taking it the other semester.

You Don't Like the Teacher

Whether it's lame jokes, or your friend's terrible stories, or his pacing around the classroom, there is a thing about your lecturer that drives you crazy and makes you want to get rid of this class as soon as possible. But before you do something radical, try to think and figure the exact reason of your attitude towards this teacher. If your stance is based only on the fact that your friend's roommate's boyfriend didn't like this professor's course last studying year, it's better to calm down and try to actually be concentrated and focused during the class. Who knows, maybe you will change your attitude completely after a couple of lectures.

However, if you don't understand your professor at all and have significant troubles with studying material comprehension because of this, you may want to think about dropping. If the class is mandatory, better ensure that you can take the same course with another lecturer before saying your goodbyes to it.

Your Friends Haven't Taken This Class

A lot of students indeed choose and schedule their classes to match their friends'. While a joint lecture with your BFF may sound super fun, dropping the subject so to be with your friend is a childish decision. You will be more concentrated and study-oriented without gossiping with your BFF during the lecture. Besides, taking a class by yourself is a fantastic opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends to hang out with during the breaks!

The Class Didn't Meet Your Expectations

Boring at School

So your British Literature class is not what you expected it to be, now you feel disappointed, and your eyes are glued to the clock every single class period. Even though dropping the class seems like the only rational option for you at the moment, don't hurry to say your goodbyes just yet, you never know when a class can induce a new interest! No course is ideal; it's important to learn how to ease your disappointment and take the best out of every lecture.

In the majority of cases, it's better to consult your lecturer before doing anything drastic. There are some options you may consider like changing or auditing the class. Anyway, contacting your academic advisor is a very smart idea; they may enroll you in all the details or possible resolutions. As if you do decide to drop the class, you should make sure you are aware of all the consequences this decision can bring.

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