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How to Create Your Own Film?

Director of Film

So, you are a big fan of Hollywood films, you already know how to watch films to enjoy them the most, and have always dreamed of making your own movie. It sounds interesting, but not realistic. Most of the students think that it is expensive and only people with some starting funds can afford it. That is why many talented young people do not even try themselves in the role of producers. Sure, some skills and experience are needed to make a truly good film. You can get it while learning from your own mistakes or use our advice to create a short movie. Do not be afraid, it is an amazing experience, which may change your life. So, follow several tips, which are presented below, and you will not suffer from failures or stressfulness while making your own film.

Write Your Movie

First of all, you have to invent a certain story before starting your shooting. There should be a conflict that is connected to all the events. You, as a director of a film, can choose any plot you want. However, you should mind your audience as well and understand their tastes, if you want your movie to be appreciated by the public. It does not mean that you need to choose a banal theme. It just has to be appropriate and interesting for people. For example, if you want to make a film for children, it will be better to use simple speech, add some funny moments and avoid violence or brutality. 

Create Some Characters

Actors Shooting

This is one of the most important parts of your work. That is how you can make an impression on your audience: make people like a certain character and hate others. However, it is a truly bad idea to strictly divide personages into bad and good ones. All of them should have strengths and weaknesses. Remember: there is nothing perfect in this world. If you create only ideal characters, your movie will look too unrealistic. Be extraordinary, it is not like writing essays for school or college. Your creativity has to be used in order to make a truly amusing film.

Get Necessary Equipment

It is vital to care about all necessary equipment for shooting. Without some specific devices as cameras and software for editing your film, it will be impossible to produce something amusing. Of course, it may cost you some pocket money, as a good camera may have a price over 500$. Anyway, the success of your movie partly depends on the quality of devices you use to create it.

Hire a Team


It is impossible to make a good short film by yourself. You will definitely need some support. It may be your friends or relatives, who want to help you or you can just hire some people for a small sum. For example, you really need a good operator, if you have no experience of filming. Remember that his or her work is very important. Anyway, it does not mean that you have to recruit a huge team. This is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a short amateur movie. So, you need only several helpers, which are motivated and interested in the main idea of your film.

Find Some Actors

You can ask your friends if they want to play in your film. In case none of them has acting skills, it will be better to visit theaters and choose some professionals. It will cost you more, but the task will become much easier. There is no need to explain simple things to experienced actors. They have already taken part in different films or performances and know how to behave in front of the camera. After you find some actors, it is important to sign contracts with them. It will protect you from unexpected situations and disagreements with staff.

Editing Your Movie 

Usually, it becomes a problem for young people because of the absence of the experience of using specific software. As a rule, students prefer free programs, which do not give you the possibility to make a long film (a limit is usually about 20-30 minutes) and use some helpful functions for editing. So, you should think well when you reach this stage of filmmaking. Bad editing may ruin the whole progress. Make it look natural. The story should go fluently. It is a bad idea to copy some art house directors as this is your first shooting experience.

All in all, making a good film is not an easy task. However, it may be your first step towards fame as a Hollywood director. None of them started to work with celebrities and top-brand devices while shooting their first movie. You need to practice your skills and realize mistakes, but not give up after the first critical comment. It is true that your first movie may not be as successful as you expect. However, it is a good reason to improve your approach to filming and become a better director. Hope, you will avoid all possible failures and your first experience will be pleasant. In our next article, we will tell you how to become a good actor. We will share secrets of successful celebrities.

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