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Sometimes it is needed to write a college essay fast. It does not matter if you have forgotten about the paper or if you were too busy to get down to business and finally start it. The truth is one: you have a paper due in a day or two and feel the need to make an acquaintance with a Fairy Godmother really soon. However, there are not so magical, but working tips on how the paper can be written within very tight time frames. Let us imagine such a situation and find our way out of it at


You are sitting in your apartment on Monday night, happily listening to music as you play on your PC when all of a sudden a friend asks you how your essay is going. You think hard and remember that you have a paper due on Wednesday that you have not begun yet. What do you do? Do you freeze? Do you ask a companion for assistance? Do you surrender? No! You take a piece of paper and write an awesome college paper in 48 hours after these basic steps.
Get to Understand the Assignment

You might be short on time, anyway, it will do no good to begin a paper without comprehending the task in advance. Combine your task parameters with the end goal of your essay: make sure that you are on the correct way.

Shape a Thesis

Your main point and introduction are the establishment of your paper, and the bigger part of your arguments must identify with the postulation. At the point when composing your postulation, make sure to join the essential themes you expect to talk about. A solid postulation will set up the structure of whatever remains of your article.
Assemble and Read the Research

It might appear like an overwhelming procedure to need to read through many articles with a specific end goal to locate a couple of important truths. You can streamline this procedure by skim-perusing for watchwords identifying with your proposition. Search for main words which may be included in certain headings of articles. This will help you speed through articles so that you just concentrate on the significant data. Highlight and make notes of any relevant data you can use when you start composing, including the reference.

Diagram Your Essay

This may appear like a pointless stride; in any case, on the off chance that you make a diagram that contains subject sentences that identify with the main point, and bolster those sentences with notes from your writing survey, then 50% of the work is done before you begin composing. Ensure you refer to the references in the proper arrangement in the content and on the reference page. This will save you time later.
Compose the Essay

In case you work from your framework, you should already have a perfect structure of your essay. The next step is just to add some missing data or improve your wording by analyzing and examining certain questions from your own point of view.

Helpful Hint:

Write your conclusion so it reflects your introduction, and end it with a solid finishing up sentence. This makes a feeling of conclusion and makes the peruser consider the subject, even after they are done with the reading. As well, if the paper is a persuasive essay, it can work well to convince the reader that your point of view is correct once and for all. The reason is, as the scientists say, that if something is repeated three times, it starts feeling like the truth to the reader.

Friends Read

Edit and Proofread

Editing is a fundamental step and is the thing that makes your end product seem polished and clear. Focus on the stream of the exposition and ensure there are no spelling and punctuation mistakes. On the off chance that you have some time left to do it, it is also constantly useful to have a companion to edit the paper for you. The new point of view can get any oversights you may have missed.


You can actually take it for you and proofread or edit the paper while you are asleep, so you get the final paper first thing in the morning and can hand it in.
What Else?

Actually, you are finished! In 48 hours or less you have looked into and composed a paper of which you can be proud of! Now you can only wait for the feedback and hope your teacher is just as proud of you as you are of your newborn essay.

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