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A List of Myths About College Life

Students Having Fun

Probably, most of the youngsters have heard some amazing things about college life: everyday parties, old and inattentive professors, tons of good friends and easy fame or popularity. Sure, some of the common points about these years are true and no one can argue them. For example, that college life is the funniest and most memorable periods. However, young people usually delude themselves while setting to high expectations and then being disappointed as a result. It is much better to be prepared for possible consequences and know which information is true and which may be false. Our team wants to protect you from dissatisfaction with college life and reveal some popular myths about it. Pay attention to this article and you will see that most of your notions about these years are more suitable for Hollywood films but not for the reality.  

Constant Partying

Almost every year Hollywood produces dozens of movies about college life and students. The main idea of them is that young people have more parties than lessons. As a result, a teenager expects to reach such fun and enjoy himself instead of getting knowledge. Sure, these are just movies that probably have nothing common with the real life. Students have to study a lot and do their homework diligently if they do not want to drop out during the first year at college. It does not mean that there are any parties and fun. Of course, most of the young people attend such events and enjoy them. However, you should not expect to do to it every day and spend your days and nights partying.

It Is Easier than School

College Students

Many young people, who want to enroll a college, expect that studying here will be easy and effortless at all. However, it is not that simple as the majority of teenagers may think. The biggest difference is that at college professors will not ask you to do homework or beg you to complete some tests, as it was at high school. Forget about gentle and kind teachers: you will have to do everything by yourself and be initiative. If you just sit and wait until a professor tells you to answer a question, you will probably have bad marks and reputation of a lazy student.

Forget About School Friends

It is true that school friendship is probably the longest and strongest relationship, which you have while enrolling a college. Unfortunately, most of the young people are worried because they think it will be hard to keep a good contact with them. It is not that difficult to do in the modern age of technologies and social networks. You can chat with one of your classmates with several mouse clicks. There will be no need to miss them at college. In addition, you will definitely have some time to arrange a meeting and see all of them, even while studying in another city. Most of the college students continue to communicate with their school and childhood friends during all this time.

Bad Food

Students at Lecture

Most of the teenagers are persuaded by all these internet posts and fun pictures that a student’s life includes only fast food and quick meals instead of normal and well-balanced nutrition. This is actually wrong in the most cases, even if it sometimes happens that a young person does not have any time to prepare foods. There are many good opportunities to eat cheaply but good. You can buy inexpensive products but they should have a good quality: do not prefer chocolates, sweets, half-stuff and so on, it will cost even more than some fresh vegetables and fruits.

Strict Life Trajectory

A big part of youngsters find that after enrolling a college, their lives are predictable and there will be no more difficulties. It is impossible to know the trajectory of your future: you cannot even know which kind of job you will have. Keep in mind that if you study on a certain faculty and have some major subjects, you will not probably get a workplace in the same industry. It often happens that students get a degree in some liberal arts and then start their career in one of the technological companies. Or an educated engineer can become a professional author and write original essays and articles like this one at

No Events Except Parties

Most of the young people think that the only way to enjoy oneself at college is visiting parties. They do not even realize that there may be a lot of other opportunities to have fun. Just take a look at the board with advertisements: contests of talents, sports competitions and team games. Try to participate in one of them and you will not be disappointed. There are much more ways to avoid boredom at college than just partying on campus, especially if you do not like this kind of entertainment.

All in all, we tried to compile the most famous myths, which may disappoint you in your college life. It is not only having fun but a hard work as well. So, it is essential to be aware of them and never set false expectations on this matter. Most of the movies, which have college students as main heroes and show their life, are too sugar-coated. Do not forget that your main task is education and enlarging your knowledge, but not only socializing and attending parties, as many teenagers may think. We hope that this article is helpful for you and make your notions about college years fuller and clearer.

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