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What You Should Not Do In the Cinema

People in Cinema

Most of the students are great fans of cinemas and visit almost every first screening of various movies. Sure, it is a pleasant time, when you sit in a calm and quiet theater and enjoy the image on a big screen. It may also be useful for a student to watch a film, what we have already discussed in our previous article. However, there are some things that can ruin your satisfaction. They are not some mechanical or technical failures. People, who surround you in the cinema, can destroy your calmness in one moment. They eat too loudly, talk to each other and make some dumb jokes. All these things make you angry and you cannot simply enjoy a film anymore. Do you want to become such a person who annoys everyone in the cinema? Probably, not. So, you have to be aware of typical mistakes, which young people make while watching movies. Our team compiled some of them below. Pay attention to these points and enjoy your time.

No Talking

This is, probably, the most annoying thing when you want to relax and enjoy a film. Hearing someone talk near you distracts your attention and you can miss some significant moments on the screen. If you have something urgent to say, it will be better to leave the room and after that come back or try to whisper your message. Remember: when you start to talk on your phone right in the cinema, it is very disrespectful to the people who surround you. Moreover, local staff may ask you to go out as using mobiles is forbidden by their rules.

Eating Too Loudly

Person Eating Popcorn

It does not mean that you cannot buy any snacks anymore. A cinema was made for combining food and film watching. It helps get more pleasure and create a specific atmosphere with the specific smell of popcorn. However, you should remember that crunching during a quiet and lovely scene may ruin its impression, not only for you but everyone who sits around. So, you have to choose some loud moments while eating your snacks. Avoid products with noisy packaging as well.

Making Loud Jokes

This is a particular thing, which you should never do in a cinema. Everyone seems to know that making dumb jokes during a film is the most annoying thing ever. It is especially distracting if they make no sense and are not funny at all. It is a well-known situation when one person in a cinema makes every single person angry. He or she shouts stupid things from the start until the end of a film. After such an experience, the only thing which you may recall is not the interesting plot or amazing special effects, but the bad sense of humor of this person.

Kicking Seats with Your Feet

People Watching Film

Of course, movies are sometimes stressful and they make us nervous. That is why people start to kick someone else’s seat. It sounds like an innocent thing, but it is very annoying. In case your neighbor acts like this, you should ask him or her to stop. Do not shout at people or get too angry. Usually, a person may not realize that he or she is truly kicking your seat. On the other hand, you should control your emotions as well even if a film is thrilling. 

Do Not Leave Earlier

It is true that sometimes films are worse than we expected while buying tickets. However, it is not the reason to leave just before the end of a movie. Sometimes, a conclusion plays the biggest role. Moreover, it looks quite strange if a person watches almost the whole film, and then decides to leave at the final scene. Sure, maybe, you need to write a college essay for tomorrow and have no time anymore. However, you will distract everyone in the room while trying to leave. So, think about your neighbors as well.

Come on Time

The time when a film starts is clearly written on your ticket. Try not to be late. No one likes a situation when a person moves between seats to his or her place at the time when a film has already started. In addition, you can miss some interesting moments when the film starts. Manage your schedule and do not be late. In addition, you should visit a toilet and buy anything you want before the start. It will disturb other people when you decide to go out and then come back in the middle of a movie.

Do Not Answer Messages

Person Using Phone

First of all, you can miss a great part of a film while answering all your messages in a social network. So, when you buy a ticket to a cinema and look at your smartphone screen all the time, it is just a waste of money. Besides, when you turn on your phone, which, probably, has a big and bright screen, it will distract other people’s attention. Moreover, it may affect the quality of the image on a big screen: a cinema should be dark.

To sum up, these typical mistakes seem to be just details for lots of people. However, it is truly annoying when someone acts like this. The main point is that for making a film watching experience pleasant and enjoyable, you have to respect others and be polite with them. So, you will receive the same attitude and be satisfied with your time in a cinema. Remember: this is a public place and all people have equal rights for enjoying a certain movie. If you like to make comments, jokes or just criticize something loudly, it will be better for you to watch something at home. In our next article, we will tell you how to create an amateur film and make it successful.

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