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Make Your Budget. Part 2


The 6 Types of Expenses of Your Budget

In fact, managing your budget is not just about balancing something with something because there are many ways to use your money, including managing your expenses. The way we manage our expenses has a lot more impact than most students think. Our expenses determine the meaning of our life, and they also have an economic, social and environmental influence. For example, your desire to order an essay online directly depends on whether or not you have money for this.

Have you not thought that you have so many cards in your hand? To stay in control of your game, you should know these 6 types of "expenses".

The first one is essential expenses such as food, housing, clothes, transport etc. Then savings: it is the money that is saved but which we keep available "on hand" for hard knocks or unforeseen emergencies. Also, long-term savings are the money that is placed (for example, at the bank). It is no longer available but will allow a large expenditure later (purchase of housing, car and so on). Then, investment for training and education: it is the money that is used to pay for your studies, driving license, language course, computer equipment, etc. It is an "investment" because this money will give you more skills and allow you to earn a living tomorrow and be independent. Donations are the money that you can give to associations or people in the grip of poverty. And the last but not the least, the pleasure expenses. These expenses are important, as they allow you to share good moments, have fun and please others.

Which Manager Are You: Cicada or Ant?

The Cicada and the Ant

For now, you have to fill all these positions. For example, if a student still lives with his or her parents, they do not have to pay for food and shelter. Their "essential" expenses may be limited to clothing. Their family or a bank loan may finance their education. But you should be interested in balancing these 4 actions right now: I spend, I invest, I give, and I give pleasure. Indeed, if all your money goes onto spending on leisure-pleasure, you will have a lot of trouble, for instance, when the time comes to ensure the essential purchases are made or save some money for the future investments. Where are you on each of these plans? Have you saved money for academic assistance provided by specialists from

Savings That Allow Long-Term Investment

Own Your Future

Two positions must never be forgotten from adolescence: savings that allow long-term investment and donations. We would like to tell you about the first one, savings, that allow a long-term investment. It is good to save regularly as soon as possible, even if you make little money. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, modest sums that are regularly saved and invested quickly produce a small jackpot. Then, this good habit educates our behaviors. Saving must become a reflex. The one who has made the habit of saving at the age of 18 will continue at the age of 25, and at the age of 30, and when he or she has to support the family, they will be able to do this. Even if you have a small salary, put money aside, do not say that your salary is too low for the moment. Give yourself specific goals. Ask yourself why you should save money. Maybe, you want to buy a house, change your couch, go on a trip and so on. Having goals is one of the things that will help you the most.


Give and Take

A donation is another item to set your budget if it is not created yet. Do you know that by giving a few dollars a month, you can sponsor a child in a poor country and change his or her destiny by allowing them to study? A host of associations rely on your gifts, just choose one. If you expect to be rich, you should learn how to give from adolescence. Thus, you give meaning to your life and you are open to the needs and complexity of the world. This discovery will be a real treasure for you.

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