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Make Your Budget. Part 1


We understand that all these things may seem crazy to you, but when beginning your life as a student, you will come across all of this. Hence, the first lesson is about understanding the fact that your budget is the balance between one side, your money (wages, parents' money, internships, pocket money, savings), and another, your expenses. Some people come to inflate their bank account (it is the "credit"), the others empty it, and it is the "debt". The basic principle is to balance both sides based on the rule that your flow must never exceed your credit. Otherwise, there will be a problem. Depending on your situation, the bank will charge you fees or prohibit the use of your card or your checkbook. And in that case, you will not be able to order an essay on and get a first-class essay.

Anticipate and Plan Your Expenses

Organize Yourself

Lesson number 2 is to establish a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget. Employees are paid monthly if you are a working student, and even if you do not work yet, the month is a good milestone because many expenses (rents, bills) are to be paid each month.

But if you only have one big cash inflow in the year (for example, after a summer job), it will be very useful to also establish a forecast of your expenses over several months. In December, every student wants to make Christmas presents. Our piece of advice is that it is better not to squander all the money, earned in summer, in September. This anticipation allows you to cleverly divide your expenses over the months. Do you need a new computer? If you have "budgeted" it in advance, you can look for a "winter job" during the holiday season to increase the resources, restrict other expenses or save a part of your earnings in the previous months. This last solution means that you will reduce current (from September to December) expenses to be able to make this exceptional purchase in January (promotions month).

Control Your Budget

Keep your proof of purchase (receipts, credit card receipts) and fill in all your check stubs. At the end of the month, check the sums debited to your bank account. If you notice an inadequacy, tell your bank advisor. You should not be afraid of this. It does not matter whether you are a working student or not. The important thing to do is to learn how to be responsible and be able to act as an adult person. Check your bank account regularly. This allows you to rebalance your budget and readjust your expenses if necessary. Also, it would be better for you to opt for a card with systematic authorization or immediate debit.

Online Tools Can Help You

Internet Search

For ordinary management, there are many online tools to create, track and manage your budget, for example, Excel tables to list your expenses and incomes such as annual or daily budgets. Also, there is a cool Android mobile application, "Budget 4000", created by a student to control his expenses. You enter a target budget for the week, and with each expense, a widget displays the available balance. Thus, these apps can help you to clear your mind and organize your budget. This, in turn, will help to plan and allocate some of the money for essay help that can come in handy at any time.

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