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The Main Elements of a Book Review

Reading in Park

Writing a book review is a nice chance to express an attitude to a book and introduce your personal way of thinking. The point isn’t about summarizing the central ideas of the book but about analyzing and commenting on them. A good comment clarifies what is on the pages, analyzes author’s ideas and highlights the core themes of a book.

Usually, reviews are brief and well-structured. You should clearly state your opinion on a given piece of literature. Your personal opinion makes this type of work extremely valuable.

Such kind of work develops analytical and critical thinking and teaches to take an unbiased look at the book. However, in order to do it in the right way, you should take a few things into consideration. It is significant to have a clear understanding of the composition and the main issues of this kind of work. Basic components below will help you.

Don’t Be Afraid to State Your Opinion

You are not going to be the greatest critic, but you are going to express your attitude fairly. So do it! Don’t think about the reaction to your writing, just make it sincere. If you adore a book, show this and give a list of its advantages. Do the same if you don’t like it. Be truthful, argumentative, and your review will be a success.

Find Main Themes

They contain the main message and universal ideas, expressed by an author between the lines. The main goal is to distinguish these themes in order to review a book properly. You can determine them in a simple way: sum up the review with your impression of the book.

Take Some Notes

Look the book through in order to analyze it from diverse aspects. Such experiment will give you a chance to analyze its characters deeply and analyze the author’s style. If you do not have time for reading, and you do not want to fail with your paper, consider the help of

Think About a Genre

You need to check the features of the book’s content that define its genre and help convey all its primary ideas. If you are not good at genres, find out the necessary data. It will help you compare and define the one you deal with.

Get Acquainted with the Author’s Individual Style

All authors have a unique manner of writing. In order to be more precise, you should better read a few books by the same author. It is crucial to understand the way in which the writer develops the main ideas and his/her way of thinking.

Pay attention to whether the writer covers all aspects of a problem or not, look at detailed depiction of characters, etc. After a detailed analysis, you will see the tendencies.

Moreover, consider all literary techniques in the book which help construct the plot. Take notes on the setting, book's characters, symbols, tone or mood and their relation to the main themes.

Edit Your Review

A proper check of your writing is a very important part of the whole writing process. In the beginning, your review might be not as brilliant as you wish. That’s why you will want to edit and proofread the work. Analyze the content and its logic, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But you shouldn’t do it as soon as you finish writing. Put your work aside and have a fresh look at it in a few hours.

All in all, writing is always full of diverse peculiarities and details. Nevertheless, I hope that you will remember this list of review components and that it will help you to take your favorite book and compose your first review that is worth reading.

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