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How to Be the Best Actor?

People on Stage

In our previous article, we explained some ways on how to make your own film and be successful as its director. Now, we will give you some tips to show how to develop acting skills and start performing on the stage. This activity is not as easy as you think. Most of the students see celebrities on a TV screen and are amazed by their rich life. Young people find that it is very simple to perform on the stage or act in movies, so, actors get their money for nothing. However, this is a false opinion. Yes, it is a funny and enjoyable job, but it is still a job. An actor’s work is very demanding and needs a lot of energy and time. You have to be aware of it if you select this profession. We compiled some tips for amateur actors or students, who want to do this job in the future.


Audition for Role

The first step every actor or actress makes is having an audition. Of course, it is a stressful, but useful experience. What should you know about it? Make sure that you know your role very well. You should not care about remembering words while you have to show emotions. So, it is vital to read the script as many times as it is needed for you to feel free on a stage. After that, you should memorize your part. Start doing it some weeks before the performance. It is especially important for students, who used to worry before such events as auditions and castings.

Your Speech

It is important to work on your speaking and communication skills. You as an actor should speak clearly and understandably for everyone. Train to do it loudly, as if you have an audience on the stage, and everyone in the hall should hear you. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet, which can help you improve your speaking skills. In addition, you may attend some specific courses or practice your speech with teachers. Look in the mirror and see if your articulation is correct or ask professionals to explain this issue to you.

Analyze Your Character

It is a pretty good idea not only to read a script but analyze your character’s temper and behavior. Understand why he or she does certain things. It will help you express the emotion better. You may even write down some main points: do not make a college essay about a character, but put down his or her personality traits and main facts. Remember: all famous actors do it for better interpretation of their roles. It is impossible to act naturally if you do not know your character deeply.

Fight Your Shyness

Person Is Confused

Shyness and insecurity are common problems among students, who want to become actors. Remember: these issues are your worst enemies on the stage. You will not be able to act naturally and freely. So, you will not get a role in a film and your career will not be successful. Sometimes, it seems to be impossible to overcome these things. How to deal with your shyness? You can use some common methods of fighting stress: green tea, meditation, exercising and so on. As soon as you get some acting experience, it will not be a problem anymore.

Have a Talk with the Director

Keep in mind: if you do not understand some point in a script, it will be better to ask a director about his or her vision. Sometimes, amateurs may interpret their roles wrongly and it leads to failures on the stage. Do not be shy to ask for someone else’s advice. In case, you have some additional ideas for your character, you should tell your director about them. They may consider your vision and you will get the right to develop your character and make it more suitable for you.

All in all, these tips can help you on the way to a great fame. Of course, there are lots of difficulties before you become a famous actor or actress and get an army of fans. However, it is one of the most amazing and interesting professions. In addition, the salary is pretty good. So, analyze your temper and talents. Do you think you are ready for this job? If you are confident and are not afraid of difficulties, it will be the right choice for you. We hope that our tips and hints will be useful for young people, who are making first steps in their career. In our next article, we will tell you the main features of a good film. So, you will know, which one is worth your attention and which one should be criticized.

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