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Become a Leader Step by Step


There is a high demand for leaders to lead people towards the changes in the modern world. They say that leaders should be recognized since the time of studentship. However, how one can develop the leadership traits? How to become a role model?

Step 1: Take the Responsibility

The true leader takes the responsibility for everything that happens in their life. They are not afraid of consequences or failures. One should keep in mind the possibility of a failure, but there is no need to be afraid to risk. Only this way you can train yourself to become a leader.

Step 2: Be Ready for the Critics

There is no single idea to be liked by everyone, and this should be understood. Do not try to get everyone’s approval. Listen to the constructive critics and do not pay attention to the praise without arguments, as the latter can slow your development down. Ask for the opinion of people, who are competent in your sphere. The friendly advice will not always work, as your friends can avoid critics just not to hurt your feelings. However, a good portion of critics is what makes you move forward.


Step 3: Develop Yourself

The self-development is the basis of a leader. A person who does not strive for better does not learn anything new, does not want to become better, cannot be a leader. Thus, be in a constant search for the new knowledge. Impress others by being professional. Self-improvement should become an inherent part of your life, but not a dull duty.

Step 4: Be Communicative

Learn (if you do not know) how to communicate with people. Discover the communication techniques. Search for the common interests. Be flexible to become an effective communicator. All this will grant a success. A true leader attracts people and it is pleasant to talk to him. Be polite, nice and open for a dialogue, as well as do not get involved into a conflict without the need for that.

Step 5: Focus on the Positive Side

Our brain can focus on one side of an issue only. The most often we choose the negative side. Why? The thing is that this is quite convenient. People listen to our problems and sympathize. However, it is much better to concentrate attention on the positive side, to be set up for pluses from any talk or/and case. There are benefits in everything, and it is necessary to see them.

Step 6: Have Your Point of View

You should have your opinion on any issue. Your view can differ from the common one, but you should not worry about this. Be sure in your point and develop the strength of your character, as this is an important trait for leaders. However, pay attention to finding the proper arguments on your beliefs, so you will be respected and listened to.

Step 7: Do Not Limit Yourself

Life outside of limits, think outside the box. A leader is a person, who dictates the new rules, introduces the fresh creative ideas. Forget about the common and open your eyes wider. Think globally and extra-ordinary. Find the new in the ordinary things!

Outside the Box

Step 8: Learn How to Manipulate

People tend to be afraid of the word “manipulation”. However, this is a skill worth developing. You need to know how to influence people to solve issues effectively.

Step 9: Forget about Hysterics

Hysterics is an indicator of the chaos in your head and businesses. Be ready with the Plan B, but never fall into despair. There are no cases with no ways out. The energy of leader should be enough not only to calm oneself down, but also encourage the others.

Step 10: The Lack of Charisma Is Okay

Some people consider themselves to be inappropriate for the role of a leader due to the lack of charisma. However, such prejudices are just myths. Charisma is not the basis of a leader, but just their small detail. You can work out your charisma if you do not have it. If you have your point of view, you are open to critics and communication, you are already attractive, so go ahead!

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