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A Few Ways to Fight Seasonal Depression

Sad Mime

You may think that it is only college stress and the constant assignments of writing essays that bring you down, but if you notice that the blues come to you each time the leaves start to fall, you may be faced with the so-called syndrome of autumn depression. The colds approach, people start wearing coats and you cannot survive without the occasional cup of tea or cocoa in your hands, when you snuggle in your cozy blanket. Our team of has compiled a few ways to determine whether or not you are susceptible to such a syndrome and ways to fight it smartly.

Criteria of Seasonal Depression

You may be cheerful during the rest of the year, but when autumn comes, everyone knows that it is better to avoid you, since you are constantly in a sad mood. How to discern the syndromes of autumn depression? Here are a few of them to take into account.

Lazy Bug

It is as if you have been bitten by a lazy bug. Nothing inspires you and you have no desire to accomplish any projects. You watch the leaves fall silently from your window and sigh. You think that doing something is as pointless as it was for those leaves to grow, and decide to skip homework this time. Instead, you lay under the blankets and watch for the fourth time the best episodes of your favorite TV shows. Even your hobbies cannot keep you entertained, and you invent some excuses that could let you out of the next meeting with your friends. Yawn!

Missing Classes

What was the last time your professor has seen you? If you are the one to miss classes during the autumn semester, you may be in trouble. However, you simply cannot help it. Classes seem like a big burden, and who wants to attend classes when it is raining so hard outside?


Wrapped in Scarf

No matter how many sweaters, jumpers, shirts, trousers and jeans are on you, you are still freezing cold. You regret not appreciating the warm summer days when a top tank and some shorts were enough when you had to go outside. Even if your friends remind you that winter is much colder, you just glare at them from under your knitted hat.


You were tired even before you got out of the bed to start your day. You are tired during the occasional class you attend and during the part-time shift at your work. You are even tired when you are lying down. It is a feeling engrained deep in your bones and you cannot help it.

Methods to Fight

Now that you have read the symptoms of autumn depression, you may have recognized some of them in you. If so, here are the ways to fight this syndrome once and for all.


Pumpking Spice Cupcakes

Autumn brings you a whole new palette. Pumpkins are here, and there is nothing better than pumpkin spice cupcakes and other desserts. During autumn you can indulge in more sweets and desserts than usual, as you can simply reason your consumption with the sudden colds and lack of energy. Get your oven mittens out and start creating: baking may be your next favorite hobby. And do not get us started on the drinks! You can gorge down pumpkin spiced lattes, as they are a seasonal treat, or have cocoas with plenty of marshmallows without feeling any guilt.

Taking a Walk

If you are stuck with laying inside and feeling sorry for yourself, get out! Right now, grab your scarf, dress up appropriately and get out to breathe some fresh air. Take your camera with you and make a portfolio of autumn pictures, capturing its essence in every shot. The children coming from school, the warm light from the windows in the houses, the bright colored leaves of the trees, the cozy cafes nestled in the corners of the city, the sweaters and scarves of the people passing by. Autumn is everywhere, and it is time to appreciate it.

Learn a New Skill

Nothing cures the seasonal blues like getting a new hobby. Since it is cold outside, you could start by learning how to knit. Everyone loves a handmade gift, so you could make a scarf or some mittens for your friends or relatives. While you go out to buy the supplies, figure out the process, master a few common ways and finally finish your first piece, you will see how little time you are given to mull around in your sad thoughts, and how depression gradually leaves you.

Meeting with Friends

Whether or not your friends also suffer from this syndrome, try to organize a group meeting with them. Invite them to your room or to the creative space at your university. You could just have a nice hearty talk, watch a movie or play board games together. Nothing cures loneliness and the feeling of uselessness like seeing people that care about you support you and be there for you, even in the smallest ways.

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