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Happy Holidays Alone: Is It Real? Part 1

Girl Having Fun Alone

Being alone for the holidays is often a challenge for many people in our society. For the majority of us, the holidays evoke images of a family, friendship, and communicating with people. So, having no one to spend your holidays with can make the feeling of loneliness even more painful. We recommend you to be positive though, and consider that these vacations alone are a gift for you that makes your time even better.

Reach Success: Deal with Stress and Plan the Preparation. Part 2

Healthy Breakfast

In the morning before the exam, it is necessary to have a wholesome breakfast, rich in proteins and with a small amount of simple carbs. You can also take vitamins to increase your memory and concentration skills. The day before, it is better not to go to bed too late. You can relax, watch a good movie, have a bath and also plan your clothes for the next day, prepare your things and documents. This can help you to avoid stress the next day, so it is better to do it the day before. Finally, very stressed people may eventually ask their doctor for a mild herbal medicine, but nothing should be taken without the medical advice.

Prepare for Exams in Study Group. Part 2

Students and Teacher

You can choose friends you trust, of course, but in fact, there are no rules: it is not because you all agree that you will work well together, sometimes students have no choice, it is the teacher who organizes the group. Often, he/she wants to promote diversity: between boys and girls, Americans and foreigners, or between students from different programs. This might be a real opportunity to finally get to know each other. Sometimes students have a negative idea of group work because of some negative past experience, but there are many examples of success stories.

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