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Give Yourself Time to Relax on Vacations. Part 2

Girl on the Beach

You should not spend your time in total idleness, otherwise, you will have the impression that you did not do anything when the holidays are over. So, we recommend that you plan interesting activities in advance. "What did you do during your holidays? I was at home; I did nothing special!” It is very important to have something to say after returning from vacation. That is why it is essential to plan exceptional days dedicated to relaxing on the beach (or in the mountains), visiting an amusement park, etc.

Give Yourself Time to Relax on Vacations. Part 1

Girl Sleeping

To really feel yourself on vacation, you need to know how to get out of everyday life, and it goes through a break with work. To avoid falling into the trap of working at home, define a period of time to respond to the emails connected with work or your studies – 10-15 minutes is enough. By responding to your emails regularly but quickly, you will also prevent yourself from collapsing under a ton of work after your return.

Review: “Moravagine” by Blaise Cendrars

Open Book

Blaise Cendrars is well-known in the Anglo-Saxon world, no doubt about it. But perhaps he deserves to be even more so. This Swiss author was unimaginably talented and prolific. But one of his greatest achievements, or dare I say, the greatest one, is “Moravagine”, his magnum opus he was working on for nearly a decade.

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