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The Main Elements of a Book Review

Reading in Park

Writing a book review is a nice chance to express an attitude to a book and introduce your personal way of thinking. The point isn’t about summarizing the central ideas of the book but about analyzing and commenting on them. A good comment clarifies what is on the pages, analyzes author’s ideas and highlights the core themes of a book.

Essay on VR in Education

VR and Education

VR has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only gamers use it but also teachers and professors. Together with NFL teams forward-looking universities and schools have been cooperating in virtual reality startups for the past couple years. So, very soon your homework will not be just about writing a college essay.

Movie Review: Escobar


A few weeks ago biographical criminal film “Escobar” was released. It was expected to be the most dramatical movie of the summer. Partly based on the once known journalist’s book “Love Pablo, Hate Escobar”, the story precariously balances on the edge of these two feelings. Sometimes we see a melodrama about love of the Beauty and the Beast, sometimes it is just a thriller in which the ambitious lady tries to restrain the most powerful Drug Lord.

Have Enough Time for All: Plan Your Perfect Week. Part 1

Cute Ideas for Planning

Many of us want to do a lot, and you probably have a huge list of things you would like to do, but also the list of things that you wish you could do if you had more time for it. So, in this article, we will share some tips and also an exercise you can do to help you organize your schedule and get time for every activity. Use academic services of and save your time.

Paper About Ways of Watching Your Money: Become a Millionaire


It is a well-known fact that money plays a very important role in our life. Its importance is explained by the opportunities and benefits that money provides to us. A modern apartment, vacation in the best hotels, an expensive car – all these things are examples of advantages, which are provided by a particular amount of money. That is why we pay close attention to its quantity trying to increase it as much as possible.

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