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Ways to Get an Athletic Scholarship Easily


In our previous article, we were talking about the best reasons to take up sports today. Please, take a look at it! However, you surely know these if you are striving to get an athletic scholarship for your sport achievements. Hereby we will tell you the most effective ways to get a scholarship and show your athletic skills as an expert. What is this scholarship? Where can I apply for it? How much will I get for my sport education? Am I eligible to apply for it? Find it out at!

What Is Athletic Scholarship and Why Should I Strive for It?


In case you are not a genius in mathematics, have no special knowledge of biology, you are not a class leader or even a teacher’s pet – this scholarship will give you an opportunity to show that you are better in other kinds of learning. Have you ever noticed a person doodling something in their notebook during classes and being a wall-flower but when a physical training class begins, they are the best of the best in this area? Because it is what they like to do and most probably it is exactly what they want to do in life.

No need to scold yourself for not being able to study school subjects – you should develop skills of what you like. What is a sport scholarship? First of all, it’s a special form of financial support for students who decide to get enrolled to a college or a school or even a private school of higher education but are presenting their unique tendency to sports, not to academic scores. The U.S. is very lucky in this way – other countries in the world mostly have no scholarships of that kind.

In the ancient world alone, people admired those, who were fit and sporty and also could participate in competitions such as Olympic Games, introducing everyone their strength and speed. A human body that has been affected by sports was a piece of art to immortalize in sculptures and sing in odes. Right now, the mind has taken the first place, but sport activities still are an obligatory part of our lives. However, in many countries, it is considered not worth to pay for it.

Today’s office life in front of a computer changes everything. Sport is at the first place again. Glory to sport! So, how do we make it happen?

Scholarships and Where to Find Them

In Search

The primary organizations to give you a chance for an elite college life with a scholarship are mostly NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Organization) but also JUCO’s, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). If you have decided for NACAA, you should bear in mind that they have split their responsibilities between three divisions, where the Division I is for large schools and Divisions II and III are for small schools.

NAIA is aimed on much smaller number of students from schools and accept students from Canada and the U.S. The organization claims to evaluate leadership skills, gives equality to its students and an access to higher education.

For those, who are about to be in college, there is a scholarship from the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), which gives equal chances for both males and females as well as take into account your academic records.

What About Other Countries?

World Map

Naturally, the scholarships in other countries do exist, however, they are less developed and give limited possibilities for their holders. Nevertheless, here are some of them.


As it was mentioned above, the NCAA Organization presents a number of scholarships for the Canadian students due to their athletic abilities. Also, they have offers from the schools that are ready to take students with excellent sport achievements as well. The state also provides this offer, like Sport Governing Bodies or the Federal and Provincial Governments that, however, do not include tuition and compulsory fees.

New Zealand

The country possesses mostly private high school scholarships for excellent sport achievements. the NZSSSC (New Zealand Secondary School Sports Council) is responsible for such a campaign. However, it has been restricted recently and introduced their quota system which has severely decreased the entrance possibilities for New Zealand students, nothing to say about international ones.

United Kingdom

Many British sport students, especially golf players, have their education in the U.S. Nevertheless, even if sport scholarships are not so common there, a number of scholarship is being given to those, specializing in sport science and academic records. The financial aid comes from UK Sport or certain universities such as: University of Richmond, the American University in London, University of Bath and Loughborough University.

Once being admitted, you may enjoy a variety of sports in elite school as sport scholarship is definitely not for the worst ones. Before that, though, you need to get ready to work hard for achieving it.

  1. Show yourself. To say it roughly – sell yourself. That’s right, you need to show your skills to the coach if you truly want to achieve success. No matter how good you are at sports, unless you are a superstar, nobody will chase you to ask to sign a contract with them.
  2. Contact coaches in your desired school or college. Write them a letter with your own introduction and explain why you are better than others so that you want to study there.
  3. Apply videos to prove your strong wish. If academic records can be proven with scores, the sport activities should be seen only. Record a video of your playing (where you do your best, naturally) or even invite a coach to the stadium to see your play. Who know, maybe you are exactly the person they were looking for?
  4. Be up-to-date with potential school and college requirements. Keep in touch with their coaches to find out about any changes in rules of entering. Be sure you have prepared everything beforehand and can freely apply the materials to the college or school of your dream.

Cramming for an exam is not your best way out of the troublesome situation. But training will surely do its job. There will be no need to play truant when having a lack of desire to study, because you will know that everything you do now will help you in the future career choice.

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