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Can Argumentative Essays Be Funny but Not Boring?

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Every student at least once thought that writing essays is boring. And it even doesn’t matter what kind of essay you intend to write. Are you sure you know all types of essays?

Let’s see, according to academical purposes, essays can be:

  • Persuasive essays;
  • Argumentative essays;
  • Expository essays;
  • Analytical essays.
  • There were a lot of samples when essays were not only entertaining and funny, but those argumentative essays impressed readers a lot. Just think, you have a friendly argument with your acquaintance. Will you try to show that your attitude is truth? Will you give him arguments to prove you’re right? Moreover, if the arguments take the oral way of communication, you just talk, and it helps you formulate your pros and cons quickly. But as soon as anyone starts writing, almost 90% percent of people just get confused and unconfident. Why? Try to conduct an experiment, remember the last dispute you had with your friend over politics, economics or art. Were you good at it? Did you manage to give good arguments about your point of you? Now, take a sheet of paper and write it down, structure it correctly, choose proper words for it. So, how long was the dispute orally and how long have you been writing it?

    Tips to Make Argumentative Essays Not Boring

    It is very easy, and argumentative essays are very similar to persuasive ones. The only difference between them is the fact that you do not have to persuade your opponent directly, you have to give you own arguments on the topic of discussion. So, how to reach it?

    Funny Argumentative Essays is a Reality

    Usually, professors give topics to write argumentative essays for their students, but sometimes learners are lucky to choose by themselves. This situation can be either beneficial or lose. Everything depends on your imagination and writing abilities. So, to make it 100% successful, choose a funny topic to discuss. It is always easier to make jokes, then to start a serious discussion in writing as well as in life. So, take advantage of it to have a good mark and enjoy the process. As for the structure, it stays the same so that it would be much easier. Dare once, and you’ll like it.

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