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Image of a Teacher in the XXI Century

Teacher at the Blackboard

Teacher profession is not unanimously regarded as either positive or negative. In fact, there are two mutually exclusive points: working as a teacher as something really out of fashion or retrograde, on the one hand, or teacher as a wisdom guide and a creator of different breakthroughs in lives of other people, on the other hand. So, Essaytwist’s judgement follows: what are the most widespread teacher incarnations now and perhaps for the years to come, whether it’s still worth being a teacher, and in which versions exactly.

The French and Their Hard Time Learning English

Child Learning English

If you have ever been to France and happen to address the French in English, you already know how funny they sound. And being funny is not the worst thing you can suspect these people of. Their English is just third-rate, to say the least, or even out of stock. If you have ever been puzzled at such a barbarism, well, now it’s time to get things straight.

Learning Python: What to Start With

Man Coding in Front of the Screen

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of mastering several programming languages, but, lost in thoughts about such a bright future, you didn’t know what to do when it came to action. Today we’re going to talk about Python as a perfect option for your first programming language pick. Yes, that’s right, there is nothing new under the Sun: you heard about Python being the right choice many times, but today we’re only going to prove it right.

Is Feminism Here to Stay and for How Long?

Portrait of a Famous Feminist

In the XXI century, no matter how critical or welcoming you are towards feminism, one thing is for sure to everybody: the new age of feminism has come. Maybe it’s hard enough to determine precisely the timeframe of its advent, especially taking into account the very numerous phases and at least two waves it has undergone throughout the XX century, but the aims and community itself are obviously no longer the same.

Working as a Copywriter: What You’ve Got to Remember

Person in Front of a Computer

So, you decided to be a copywriter, but working even for some time with texts seems now to be a romantic trip, as you have always loved to deal with words, and now you have this unique opportunity to enhance your writing fluency in foreign language (something you have always dreamt of!), feel as a creator of something (almost) worthy, deepen your knowledge in many areas you’d like to dive into.

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