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Film Review Writing Guide, Dead Poets Society Example

Carpe Diem

Writing a Film Review requires good concentration, understanding of the main concept and structure of your essay. First of all, you must clearly understand that film review is not just a “like it” or “didn’t like it” statement. It is a detailed explanation of the name, place, year of release, and people involved in its creation. It is special credits to the script, actors’ play, director’s view and lots of different minor details that create the whole image together. Divide your review in a few sections where you will consequently tell the reader about the film of your choice.

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Homesickness Quickly


No matter, where, 50 miles away from your home town or across the ocean – homesickness is a state of a soul, which shows your exceptional connection to the place of your childhood. Nostalgia for your home is natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, as the time has come, it is time you learned how to live on your own and, what is even more important –enjoy it!

Ways to Get an Athletic Scholarship Easily


In our previous article, we were talking about the best reasons to take up sports today. Please, take a look at it! However, you surely know these if you are striving to get an athletic scholarship for your sport achievements. Hereby we will tell you the most effective ways to get a scholarship and show your athletic skills as an expert. What is this scholarship? Where can I apply for it? How much will I get for my sport education? Am I eligible to apply for it? Find it out here!

10 Life-Saving Reasons to Get Up Now and Take Up Sports

Strong Will

If you are like me, you are most likely to read this article in front of a laptop screen during weekend, sometimes taking a glance at a wonderful weather outside. All commercials with celebrities promote healthy lifestyle (naturally, with a famous mark of sport clothes), all bestsellers tell us about insalubrity of junk food for our organism but we stubbornly keep eating and laying like nothing was told us. Why?