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Useful Habits of the Student. Part 2

Diligent Student

Few of the students have a similar habit. Many are unbearable to go to classes and are lazy to participate in some other extracurricular activities. Everything keeps on laziness, it owns many of us and few of us manage to escape from its embrace. But you can do it, for example, as you probably already guessed, participating in a high school holiday or some other event.

Useful Habits of a Student. Part 1

Student Writing

People always like to talk about bad habits – smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and other. They say almost everywhere that bad habits are awful and you need to get rid of them. There are dozens of magazines that give advice to people how to do it, hundreds of clinics are ready to accept sick people to heal them from the "evil spirit".

Hints on the Organization of the Workplace

Workplace Table

Everyone has a working place. Although many people think that they thrive in conditions of increased stress, however, most people work best in a place that is relaxing and calm. In most cases, people cannot change the nature of their activities, but they are still able to optimize their workplace to make it a more relaxed place, where it will be pleasant to spend time and do work, which in turn reduces stress and increases productivity.

University in Your City Against Moving. Part 1


Many school graduates dream of obtaining a certificate of secondary education and immediately move to another city to study. This desire is most often explained by a complete lack of understanding with the parents, who "press" you more and more every day, impose their opinions, oppress and work you up over nothing. Is this the only way out? We need to talk more on this topic.