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I Do Not Understand the Professor. Part 1


This article will give a small recommendation on the interaction with the teachers, who, to put it mildly, not always clearly state the material of the lecture or another academic lesson. What if you do not comprehend the professor? Surely there were times when your professor rushed through with the material explained or just did not clarify the key points.

Sleep Is Necessary, but Not at Lectures


You want to sleep from the very early morning. You woke up and much regretted it. What if you want to sleep at university all the time? How to be vigorous from the very early morning? Where to get strength and energy for active action in the morning? We will give you the answers to these and other questions in this article.

Forces Concentration. The Main Rules


Regardless of season students are prone to attacks of lethargy and apathy. The level of fatigue increases with the approach of the end of the academic year. However, we do not need lethargy now. We need to concentrate our forces. How to do it? Let us talk about this below.